Friday, April 29, 2011

Euro Shams

During {one} of my trips to Hobby Lobby last week, I noticed some fabric which just so happened to match my bedding to be on clearance! I have been wanting to make some euro shams for my bed for a while now so I jumped at the opportunity. I found two 26x26 euro pillows at TJMaxx, bought some decorative trimming for my pillows and I was ready to go. Here is how it turned out:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Easter Pictures

We had such a wonderful Easter. Gantt and I went to church with my family in Troy and then we each ate lunch with our families. Here is some more pictures from Easter...

Gantt and I at my parents house after church

Easter Bunny for hire

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Cake Pops

For Easter, I thought it would be a great idea to make some cake pops. I first saw these pops at Starbucks and then found them on Bakerella's website. If you have never checked out Bakerella's website, it is AMAZING! She has so many cute ideas, and I often use her website for inspiration. I did some research on these cute little treats and thought "These will be easy!" I...was...wrong... Cake pops are not that easy. For the past two days, I have SWORN I would never do these again. In the chance that I do, I have learned some good lessons of which I will share later. Using the directions provided by, here is how the cake pops were made:

Step 1:
Bake the cakes! I decided to go with a funfetti cake and a chocolate cake (because I love it so). For this project I just used Duncan Hines to make it a little easier. Bake the cakes and let them cool. After the cakes are completely cool, crumble the cakes and mix it with a can of icing. I also used pre-made icing for this project. For the funfetti cake, I used creamy vanilla icing and for the chocolate cake I used, of course, chocolate icing.

funfetti with icing

crumbled chocolate

Step 2:
Put the mixtures in the freezer or fridge and let them set.
Step 3:
For the cake pops. I took the mixtures out of the fridge and rolled them by hand. I had already decided that I was going to make lambs, chicks, Easter eggs and bunnies. So I formed the cake into balls and bunny shapes and placed them on a baking sheet.
bunny shapes...this will be problematic, but more on that later

Step 4:
Back in the fridge. I let these set over night. 
Step 5:
Melt the candy and insert the sticks. I melted the candy in the microwave instead of using a double boiler. Once the candy was melted, I took the cake pops out of the fridge. I dipped one end of the pop sticks in the melted candy and then inserted it about 3/4 of the way into the cake. Then, I placed the sticks into a piece of stryofoam in order to let it set.

Step 6:
Dip the cake pops into the candy. WARNING: this is not as easy as it seems. It was really hard to roll the pops in the melted candy! If the cake pop was too big or heavy, it would easily fall off the stick. Especially with the bunnies. The bunny ears fell off every time. So I had to improvise. After some trial and error, I finally decided to melt some white chocolate chips and form some bunny ears. 

I melted the white chocolate chips and then put it in a ziplock bag. I cut a small corner to make a make-shift icing bag. I formed the ears on plastic wrap, put a little pink melted candy in the middle, and then stuck them in the freezer to set. After they set, I stuck them onto the bunnies.
After some practiced, I figured out that it was easier to roll the pops in the candy on the sides and top and then let the candy run down to the bottom of the pop. It is also helpful if the candy isn't TOO hot. If it is too hot, it runs to fast and it makes the cake too warm which makes it hard to set and decorate.
Step 7:
Decoration! To decorate the pops, it took some creative thought. I bought several types of candy and sprinkles: edible pearls, sprinkles, junior mints, jelly beans, and sixlets. The decorating phase was fun but was VERY time consuming. Even Gantt got in on the decorating (mostly because I tricked into it).

For the lambs, I found that it was easier to dip them in the melted candy and let them set. I then took a candy stick, dipped in the white melted candy and applied a thin layer of the candy to the outside to be able to sprinkle the edible pearls on. I then used a junior mint as the head.
For the Easter eggs, I used the speckled candy melts in pastel colors.
For the chicks (Gantt's specialty), we used edible pearls for the eyes, sprinkles for the feet, and more melted candy to form the mouth and wings.

For the bunnies, we just used the melted candy to make the mouth, nose, eyes, and whiskers.
Decorating took such a long time, I had to slack off on some of the details. Specifically, the lambs didn't have a face and the easter eggs didn't have them mini mm's dots I wanted. The eggs were still speckled, but I called them dinosaur eggs.
Step 8:
Wrap the cake pops! We wrapped the cake pops using some wrapping paper found at any craft store and some plastic wrap. I then tied them off with curling ribbon.
Step 9:
Package the cake pops! Keeping with the Easter them, I decided to package the pops up in an Easter basket. I made one basket for Gantt's family and one for mine. I also found a cute little bunny decoration and some Easte ribbon to finish it off. I made sure to put some stryofoam in the bottom of the basket to keep the cake pops in place.
And here are my Easter cake pops:

my family's basket

the pierce family's basket
cake pop Easter basket
So if I ever decide to make these again, here are some things I would do differently:
1. MORE TIME...I would take a couple of days to make, form, and decorate.
2. SMALLER CAKE POPS...if the cake forms are too big and heavy, it's a lot harder to dip it in the candy.
3. BIGGER PIECES OF STRYOFOAM...It's easier if they aren't too close together when the candy coating is setting.
4. MORE FRIDGE/FREEZER's easier if the cake pops are cooled.
Even though these weren't as easy to make as I thought, they were a big hit on Easter!

Hippity Hoppity

Another Easter has come and gone, but I was well prepared.... I started decorating for Easter about a month ago with the creation of an Easter wreath and table setting....

The Easter Wreath and Table Setting


For the wreath and table setting, I wanted to use some of the same elements in order to flow the decor from the outside to the inside. To do this, I used the same eggs and ribbon I used on the wreath on the table setting. I  found these napkin rings which looked like the grapevine wreath. I then hotglued the eggs on the the napkin rings.

I made some cake pops as well but that is another post all in itself.  

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello blog world!

So here we go... This is my attempt at starting a blog. I am always dabbling in new things and love sharing my experiences with my friends and family. However, since not all of my loved ones are on facebook, I figured starting a blog would be a great way to access them. So a little about myself....

This is me and my handsome and wonderful fiance, Gantt. We met our first year of law school at Jones School of Law in Montgomery, Alabama. It wasn't long before we fell in love and knew it was meant to be. We will both graduate May 21, 2011 and take the bar the last week of July. As you can see from our save the date, we are getting married SEPTEMBER 17, 2011!!


This is my doggie, Jock.

He is my child...

I graduated from AuburnUniversity in 2008 where I was a Phi Mu.
After college, I came to law school in Montgomery, Alabama at Thomas Goode Jones School of Law.... school...not so heavenly
So what you can expect from this blog:
  • Lots of arts and crafts projects
  • Some recipes
  • Sharing of some of the things happening in my life
  • Some of my dream vacation locations
  • Lots of references to Southern Living and the Southern Way of Life
  • Tons of pictures of Jock
  • and more!
For my first post, I think something related to Easter would be appropriate considering it is less than TWO days away.

For anyone who knows me, I LOVE holidays and I LOOVVVEEE decorating for them even more! There is nothing that says Easter in the South better than seersucker. Seersucker very much a Southern Tradition. Because the material is lightweight and breathable, it is perfect for enduring the summer heat. In fact, there is even a "Seersucker Thursday" in the United States Senate. Here is an exerpt from the US Senate Website:
Seersucker Thursday

In the years before air conditioning made summertime Washington bearable, senators from the South had much to teach their colleagues from other regions about proper attire. As spring merged into summer, southern senators shed their heavy-wool black frock coats for lighter linen and cotton garments. In 1907, a New Orleans clothier made summer wear more comfortable by designing a light-weight suit in pale blue and white striped rumpled cotton fabric. He named that fabric “seersucker,” from Persian words meaning “milk and sugar.” Seersucker suits became widely popular because they retained their fashionable good looks despite the frequent washing that humid summers made necessary. 
The post goes on to explain how Senator Trent Lot proposed "Seersucker Thursday" in 1990 to give rememberance to the day in time when Seersucker was not only a fashion statement, but a necessity in surviving the heat. Being a fashionable guy himself and a victim to his mother's torture, Jock will be the epitome of a Southern gentleman on Easter  and with  be sporting a seersucker bowtie. I bought this bowtie a couple of weeks ago off of Etsy....

I know, I know...Ridiculously Cute!

More pictures to come...