Monday, May 16, 2011

Britt's Tshirt Quilt!

My sister, Britt, is officially a college graduate! Because Britt has worked so hard to graduate (with honors by the way) I wanted to make her a really special gift. I have always been a fan of the tshirt quilt and thought that this would be something that Britt could keep for years and remind her of all her fun times in college! For several months now, I have covertly been stealing shirts from my sister to build a stock pile for the quilt. She never wears her tshirts anymore so it wasn't too difficult to do. After careful planning, the tshirt quilt process began! I started with a twin size quilt in order to speed up the process a little. It took me about 3 weeks to finish! Here it is:
I first had to cut all the tshirts in half and then with a rotary cutter to cut out the parts I wanted to use.

OH NO! it's a tshirt monster!

I next ironed on sewable interfacing and arranged the tshirts in order to sew them... This was fun because I really got see all of Britt's college fun!

Phi Mu Philanthropy Day Shirt
Britt's Phi Formal
Britt's first Christmas Cocktail
Greek Sing
Miss Auburn
Britt's Phi Retreat
Her first Halloween Social
Phi Mu's Auburn Pep Rally Tshirt
War Eagle Day
Trot Brown's SGA President Campaign

Phi Mu Golf Tourney
Phi Mu Ice Water Tea Day Shirt
Another Greek Sing
Sigma Chi Derby Days
All Auburn All Orange
The #5 is my personal fav: this was my Phi Mu intramural tshirt I passed down to Britt. She wore it in pledge football game and broke her was her birthday....God bless her. She wore a boot on one foot and a heel on the other the rest of her first semester 

My makeshift Sewing Room...Time to start putting it together...

Fast forward a little...
Half Sewn Together

Other Half Sewn Together
I then (with Gantt's help) ironed on a sewable backing

Flipped over and the topper is ready to be sewn onto the quilt with a free-motion quilting foot in random designs 

And here it is!!! Britt's custom built, home-made with love by her sister, college inspired Quilt!

I would like the thank the quilt hand model Gantt for his help in holding it up!