Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Sara!

  My dear friend, Sara, turned 25 yesterday! And it just so happens that she turned 25, 25 days before the bar! So we needed to let loose one more time before crunch time. Sara has been one of my best friends since day one of law school, so I really wanted to make her something special...hmmmm, what could I make her? Oh, I know! A CAKE! Ok...that's not that surprising, but this has been something that have been planning and making for about TWO WEEKS! {Time is a tad bit limited these days considering bar study and all}

So not only is Sara beautiful, smart, an Auburn fan, and all around awesome, she super athletic! Sara teaches body pump {sometimes twice a day} at Gold's Gym in Auburn and has recently completed a marathon! She is also so sweet because she really does try to motivate me to join her on these runs...I think she has me confused with someone who has actually run before. Anyways, this was my inspiration for her birthday celebration. And here it is....

Colors: Orange and Blue
Cake Flavor: S'MORES! This was an experiment of mine since I've kind of been on a s'mores kick. I've been playing with this idea and decided to make the cake I would do two layers of brownie with a large graham cracker cookies in the middle with marshmallow icing and chocolate buttercream.

The Invitation
Sara {left} teaching body pump...This was my inspiration for the cake!

Sara teaching body pump at Gold's Gym!

Making the Gumpaste Sara...I censored some of it just so not to be inappropriate.

Clothes and Face: Notice how her outfit matches the picture above!

Gumpaste Gym Equipment

Giant Graham Cracker Cookie! I crushed up graham crackers, mixed it with melted butter & Marshmallows & let it set over night
How good does that look?!? My ooey-gooey marshmallow frosting with marshmallow chunks

Delicious Chocolate Buttercream Icing with a meringue base
 For the fondant, I used Marshmallow Fondant. If you notice the cake board scrapbooking details matches the invitation!
The cake put all together!

You can see the cake board with blue lettering.

The 26.2 stands for the miles of the marathon Sara recently ran. She now has this sticker on her car & I wanted to use it on her cake!

Me with the cake & matching invitation!

Sara cutting the cake!
She is too cute!

Yum!!!! Can't tell you how good this cake was! It exceeded my expectations of tastiness!

Me & Lindzy with the Birthday girl!

Gantt & I at the Birthday Party!


Brittany Woodham said...

Niki, I love reading your blog!! You are SUCH an amazing cake decorator -- I'm seriously beyond impressed! I totally cracked up at the "censored" picture. Too funny!

Lacey said...

Wow! That cake is incredible!!! You are so talented Niki!