Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monogram Mirror with Tutorial

During my weekly daily stroll through Hobby Heaven, aka Hobby Lobby, I passed by a section in the store that I have never crafted from: the glass section. I decided to stop and see what was going on in this uncharted territory. I stumbled across some Armour Etch Cream, and after I read the label for its uses and saw the word "mirror," BAM! I had my next project. I would monogram a mirror! I had seen this technique done on the Martha Stewart show and memories of my want to do this came flooding back in. Plus, this solved the "what are we going to put over the dresser" dilemma in the soon to be (10 days!!!) Pierce Apartment-hold (it's technically not a household yet). So here's some pictures and the tutorial on how to create this:


For the Monogram: 
-clear vinyl contact paper
-a box cutter or other type of precise blade
-a mirror
-Armour Etch cream (make sure to get this kind, not the cheaper version. Trust me, you'll end up just buying this one in the long run)
-a print out of any type letter you want to use ( I used a monogram "P" in about 700 pt. font)
-paint brush or sponge

If painting the mirror too:
-Spray Paint
-Glazing Materials (see This Post)


To get started on our mirror, my mom graciously donated an old wooden mirror we had at the house. Little kitty once again, was my assistant....

Little kitty held the mirror up so you could see it...
 I first spray painted the wood an ivory.

After the spray paint had dried, I glazed the mirror in order to have the same finish as the dresser. For instructions on how to glaze furniture, see my post Click Here.

The mirror after the glaze is wiped off.

After the spray paint and glaze are set, remove the newspaper and clean the mirror well with Windex.

In the area where you want your monogram to go, stick a large piece of clear contact paper to the mirror. Try to not have as many bubbles as possible.

Next, tape the letter print out on top of the contact paper EXACTLY where you want your monogram to be.

Time to cut! This step can be time consuming depending on what kind of letter you use. If you do not have a steady hand, I recommend using a more print style font rather than a script like the one I used.

Use the print out letter as a stencil and cut all the way around it.

After you have cut the letter out, remove the contact paper of that letter where you have a stencil on the mirror.

Next, apply the etch cream. I used a fluffy paint brush for this step. You can use a sponge, but you will get more application with a paint brush.

You want to apply a THICK THICK layer onto the stencil. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes.

Rinse the cream off with either a water hose or a damp paper towel. Do NOT rinse in the sink. This cream may damage the finish on the sink!

REPEAT!! This step will take several applications. Just keep rinsing and repeating until you get your desired frostiness.

After you get the mirror just as you want it, remove the contact paper and TADA! you have a monogram mirror.

Here is our monogram mirror!


Lacey said...

Very cute! I love how you painted and glazed the frame, I need to try that technique sometime!