Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Honeymoon in Boston {Pronounced: Baaahhhhston}

Hello Sweet Southern Charmers! As many of you know, I have had a SUPER busy couple of weeks! Gantt and I were married Saturday, September 17th in Dothan, Alabama, and it couldn't have been a more perfect day! The next day, we were off to Boston to do a little honeymooning! Gantt and I received several odd looks when we told people that Boston would be our honeymoon destination, but neither of us had ever been to Boston and both of us has always wanted to go. Throw in the fact that we are both extreme history nerds, and there should be no question why we chose Boston. We were so fortunate to have great friends and family who gave us gifts that helped us with our honeymoon, and we can't thank them enough for everything. Here are a TON of pictures from our perfect honeymoon:

Sunday: Day 1: Off We Go! 

Gantt I flew out of Montgomery around 2 p.m., so we were lucky not to have to get up too too early the day after the wedding.

Top Left: Gantt unloading our bags at the airport in Montgomery. Top Right to bottom Right: Gantt and I waiting in the Montgomery Airport. Bottom Left: We're off! Boston here we come!

Our view from the plane as we were coming into Boston!

We're here! We're here! Waiting for a cab outside the Boston airport!

Top Left and Right: In the cab on our way to our hotel. Bottom: Our first glimpse into our hotel, the Lenox, located in the Back Bay area of Boston.

Our AMAZING suite at the Lenox!!! We had a walk-in closet and HUGE bathroom. Now this is luxury!

Our first dinner as Husband and Wife! Back Bay Social Club. It was right down the street from our hotel and since it was kind of late and a LONG day of traveling, we decided to split some heavy hour de'vours.

The Lenox at night. Our view walking home.
Monday: Day Two: The Freedom Trail and Our Duck Tour 

We were so anxious to see Boston! We decided to walk the Freedom Trail first thing. It was a short walk away, but we saw several great sights on the way. Our hotel was close to Copley Square where the Public Library and the famous Trinity Church.

Copley Square. Top Right: the Public Library

The Gorgeous Trinity Church

Our Hotel was also really close to Poe's Rattlesnake Bar and Grill, which just so happens to be Gantt's cousin's restaurant! We were so fortunate to meet up with him a couple of nights later.


Boston's Public Garden: Which is the oldest public park in the nation. In the summer, this is also where the famous swan boats run.
On the Freedom Trail:

Top: Massachusetts' State House. Bottom Right: the bronze statute depicting black soldiers in the Civil War. Bottom Left: FT Marker. 
Granary Burial Ground: This is literally in the middle of the city. There are several grave sites in Boston that are just like that, you kind of turn the corner and there's another one. Granary is the oldest burial ground in the nation. Some of the big names buried here are Paul Revere, John Hancock, and Samuel Adams!

Fun Fact: Know the difference between a cemetery and a grave yard? A cemetery has the headstones lined up in a row and a grave yard has them kind of just spread out all over the place. Granary, like most old burying grounds, used to be grave yards, but were converted into a cemetery. They moved the headstones, but the bodies were a different story...

Top Left and Bottom Right: John Hancock's Grave. Also in top Left, you can see our tour guide, who was a British Loyalist in character.

Paul Revere's Grave: Paul Revere was a copper smith, so for good luck, you are suppose to leave a penny on top of his grave. I caught this candid of Gantt leaving our pennies for luck.
Old City Hall and the Latin School: the Latin School is was the first school in the nation. It is also where Ben Franklin dropped out.

The Democratic Donkey and Republican Elephant: 

Qunicy Hall and Faneuil Hall: Faneuil Hall is the site where the revolutionists first protested against the Stamp Act and Tea Tax. Quincy Market is where the markets still take place.On the top of Faneuil Hall is a golden grasshopper. A couple of years ago, a guy was on the roof doing some work when he saw a button to push on the grasshopper. Being curious, he decided to push the button. When he did, the belly of the grasshopper opened up and a ton of gold coins fell out along with a scroll! The guy who donated the grasshopper back in the 1700s  hid a little secret in the belly. The city decided to put the gold back in the belly considering it had been safe there for all those years. And there it is today! 

After the Freedom Trail Tour ended, we decided to eat lunch at Salty Dog in Quincy Market.
Husband and Wife :)
After our love lunch, we took a Duck tour, which is a tour that is half boat half bus! We got both views of the city and it was a ton of fun!

View from when we went into the water. Bottom Left: Harvard rowing team practicing.

Gantt and I on the Duck Tour
While walking back to our hotel, we ran into Rick Fox, former Lakers player! This was the second time we ran into him that day in front of our hotel, but this time we asked for a picture. Such a nice guy!

Gantt and Rick Fox

Dinner Monday Night: Union Oyster House: the oldest restaurant in the nation! This was such a hallmark of our trip! We of course had to have lobsters while in Boston and what better place than Union Oyster House. We also enjoyed the "Colonial" beer brewed by Sam Adams especially for the Union Oyster House.

Bottom Right: Clam Chowder, another Boston must.

Bib on...Ready

Lobster Termination
We also snapped a picture in the Kennedy Booth, favorite  booth of John F. Kennedy.

After walking around the city for a while, we made it back to our hotel. Craving a little dessert, the Lenox sent us some chocolate cake and some Dr. Peppers on the house!

Day 3: Tuesday: Harvard and a Red Sox Game

Tuesday started out a little rainy. To get to Cambridge we decided to take the subway, which was an excellent form of transportation.

Candids of my husband buying our subway tickets and on our way to Hahvahd (that's my Boston Harvard)

The Coop...which is basically the Harvard Toomer's Corner
Harvard Yard:
Bottom Right: John Harvard statute also known as the statute of three lies.
Lunch: John Harvard's: We ate lunch at John Harvard's which is neat little restaurant and brewery. After we told them we were honeymooning, they sent us some champagne on the house! Yum!

More Harvard:

Tuesday Night: RED SOX GAME!!!! Red Sox v. Orioles. To get to Fenway, we took a Pedicab. Our Pedicabster was named Alex.This was such a great way to get to the park because we were able to bypass a lot of traffic.

We went to the stadium about 2 hours prior to the game in order to hang out in Yawkey way!

Left: Gantt with Ted Williams

Gantt was SOOO excited about going into the stadium. I had to take several candids to capture the moments.

Gantt walking in Fenway for the first time.

Gantt got us AWESOME seats right behind first base. Fenway is such a unique stadium, I really don't think there could be a bad seat! For dinner, we of course had to eat a hot dog.

Bottom Right: Wally!

Although we had great seats, we met some really nice guys who ended up getting us an upgrade RIGHT BEHIND HOME PLATE!!! We were literally 6 rows up from home plate!

Day 4: Wednesday: Salem, Massachusetts

For Wednesday, we wanted to take a day trip to Salem! Our original plan was to walk to the harbor and take a ferry to Salem...

On our walk to the harbor

Lobster Revenge

Gantt and I at the Boston Harbor to take a ferry

Bottom Right: Gantt trying to buy our ferry tickets
But.... The Ferry only runs Friday, Saturday, Sunday after August. So we decided to take the 30 minute train trip.

Top Left: Gantt on the train to Salem. The rest is our first glimpse at Salem.
Salem was the neatest town! Everything is completely preserved to where it doesn't even seem like anything has changed in 300 years. I would recommend anyone going here.

For lunch, we ate at Rockafellas. We got to sit outside in the perfect weather and enjoy good food and even better beer! I had a pumpkin brew with a cinnamon sugar rim. I'm not even that crazy about cinnamon but this was SOOO good!

After lunch we decided to wander around the city. First stop: the House of the Seven Gables! No words could describe how beautiful the setting of this house was. Located right on the harbor, it is absolutely perfect. I can understand how Nathaniel Hawthorne felt compelled to write a book based on the house.

Next stop: the local chocolatier...

We even saw a black cat in Salem! Gantt wouldn't look at it.

Next Stop: the Witch Museum!

Back to the City: When we arrived back to Boston, we made our way over to the North End which is the Italian District. Mike's Pastry is a must go to spot, and of course we weren't going to give up an opportunity for a treat!

The North End...

For Supper later that night, we ate at the hotel restaurant as a wedding gift! It was SOOO good!

Day 5: Thursday: John F. Kennedy Museum & Spirit of Boston Dinner Cruise

Gantt and I at the JFK Museum
For Lunch, we went back to the North End for some pizza pizza at Pushcart Pizza:

After Lunch, we just wanted to walk around the city again. We wandered over to Beacon Hill area to see Cheers. This establishment was not like the tv show and nobody knew my name...

Spirit of Boston Dinner Cruise! This was such a highlight of our honeymoon! This was also a wedding gift and this is something that we would recommend to everyone! It was so much fun and gave us the opportunity to see the city from a new angle.

Left: Leaving for the harbor...I don't know why it's foggy. Right: the harbor.

On the cruise, we were treated to some celebratory champagne.

Our cute dessert!

View of the city from our dinner cruise

Day 6: SAD DAY! We had to come home. It was such an incredible trip and we couldn't have imagined a better honeymoon! We can't thank everyone enough who helped us make our dream honeymoon a reality!


Lacey said...

Congratulations Niki!! What a fun Honeymoon!!! I loved looking at all of your pictures in Boston! I've never been and this makes me want to plan a trip there! Glad you had such a great time!

Carly Bartemes said...

Thank you for writing such a detailed account of your honeymoon. My fiance and I are considering a honeymoon in Boston also, and now I'm totally convinced we need to do this! I took notes on all the places you went. Feel free to send me an email if you have other great advice.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to google "honeymooning in Boston" and found your blog! I've been to Boston on a work trip, but my fellow has never been and adores Sam Adams so, heading to Boston to tour the brewery, catch some history, and everything else Boston offers I would be an incredible trip!! People would probably give us strange looks too. I was there in February five years ago and this Mississippi girl was introduced to "real" snow!! Loved your post!!

boudreauxnews said...

Beautiful blog post of your honeymoon in Boston. Thank you so much for sharing ya'lls experience! My fiancè and I are planning our honeymoon in Boston and viewing this blog has made me even more interested in this beautiful city. Again thank you for sharing your trip with us :)

Nickeltaker said...

My Fiancé and I Are getting married in May and are talking about going to Boston on our honeymoon. Your pictures and comments helped me greatly. I took notes and am going to look at some of the places online. thank You!!

Christina Rodriguez said...

I just came back from Boston for a romantic Christmas. It was AWESOME! So much to see and the Freedom Trail you can do on your own. Boston is a great place with spirited people. Go Celtics!