Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our House Divided! My Auburn Garter and Gantt's Alabama Cake Topper

Something that everyone is Alabama knows is the phrase “A House Divided.” Well, Gantt and I are such a household. I am an Auburn Fan. Gantt is an Alabama Fan. And there is only one day of the year that we are unlikely to speak to one another. But instead of focusing on the controversy, I saw it as an opportunity to get creative and to show Gantt that I loved him even though he roots for the wrong team. 

About a month after we got engaged, I knew that I wanted to do a University of Alabama Themed Groom’s table. I decided that for the groom’s cake topper and as a wedding gift to Gantt I would order a mini National Championship Helmet and have it signed by Saban himself. In a surprisingly short amount of time, Coach Saban sent back the helmet with the writing “Congrats Gantt and Niki, Roll Tide, Nick Saban.” It was a perfect detail that I knew Gantt could later display in his office. The hard part about the process was keeping it a secret from him for almost 7 months! To finish off his Alabama table, my mother and I made a houndstooth table cloth which we had monogrammed with “Roll Tide,” and I made some picture frames with houndstooth bows to display pictures of Gantt and his love for the Tide. 

But of course, I had to have Auburn somewhere in the wedding! As another surprise for Gantt on our wedding day, I sported an Auburn garter set I made! I knew that when it came time for Gantt to find the garter, I wanted him to see two things: Aubie’s face and the 2010 National Championship. I handpainted a large Aubie face decorated with orange and blue rhinestones and large print that said “War Eagle.” I then sewed my Aubie masterpiece to an orange and blue satin garter I also made. The throw away garter was also orange and blue satin adorned with a 2010 National Championship pin. It was the perfect touch to start our house divided marriage. 

Here are some pictures of these details and the process of making my garter:
I hand sketched Aubie

I mixed up the right color orange and started painting with a very fine brush

All outlined!

Highighted the orange and blue

I decided to make it smaller and WAR EAGLE was added

Rhinestone paw print and I cut it out.

I added orange and blue sparkles to really make it stand out

I sewed the garter using orange and blue satin

Casing and elastic

It's finished!
 I then did a second garter for the throw away garter with a bow and the National Championship Pin! Take that Saban!

Gantt's Cake topper

Congrats Niki and Gantt!

The first time Gantt saw the cake topper! You can also see the picture frames I made for the table. Cake by Foster Street Bakery.

Look at the face seeing the garter! haha

Great Picture! Gantt's cousins battling it out for the garter.

With Gantt's cousin, Griffin, who caught the garter and MaryAnna who caught the bouquet!



Ericka B. Jackson said...

I love it! (well, not the Bama stuff - girl, you must really love him! LOL!)

I had a similar idea for our wedding - my husband is an Arkansas Alum. So I bought an AUBURN garter and an ARKANSAS one. He took off the Auburn one first and looked all disappointed... until I said, 'You'd better try again!" On his second try he was elated to find the Arkansas one (which he kept! ;)

Lauren W said...

You're so crafty!! I am about to have my own House Divided wedding in March. Only, in our case, I am the Alabama fan. I'm curious... How did you find out where to send the helmet so that Saban would get it?

Niki Blumentritt Pierce said...

Hi Lauren! Thanks for stopping by! I did a lot of research online and ultimately stumbled upon this site:

I used this address to send the helmet to Saban with a note telling him what I would like to say.

Hope this helps! Please become a follower and tell everyone about the Sweet Southern Charm!

Niki Blumentritt Pierce said...

Erica, I loved seeing your wedding pictures! You were a lot sweeter to your husband! Then again, Gantt did get a whole table so I think it was pretty even...haha

Jones Morris Top 10 said...

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