Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sloane's Tulle Elmo Costume & Trunk or Treat!

Gantt's Aunt and Uncle are fostering this precious angel named Sloane. She has absolutely stolen my heart, and I can not tell you how much I love her! Well Sloane, like many almost 2 year olds, is a little obsessed with Elmo. It didn't take long to decide that this is what she would be for Halloween! Gantt's cousin Leah {Sloane's "Sissy"} and I got crafty and made Sloane a tutu Elmo costume. This worked out perfectly because I had the materials from another Sloaen-Elmo project in the works. We got the idea for the tutu dress from Pinterest and after a trip to Hobby Heaven, we were crafting away...

Sloane showed off her Elmo costume at Trunk or Treat last night at the church! She could not have been any cuter! We had a blast at Trunk or Treat see all the kids and cars dressed up and Jock even got in on the fun, biker style...

Mr. T the Pirate on our way

Vroom Vroom! Jock was Born to Ride

Precious Sloane as Elmo!

Arrrggg! Mr. T the Pirate! Mr. T is Gantt's Parent's pup

Hubby and Jock handing out candy

Sloane posing

She kept saying "L-mo"

Giving Elmo a kiss

Baby Yates

Swamp People!

Oh No! Gator down

Jonah and the Whale


Showing me her bucket

Our Trunk

The Drigger's cute!

cute costumes

Sweet sweet girl!
Trunk or Treat!

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Alicia said...

Love the Elmo costume and what a cute little girl! I came across your blog while searching for ideas for a homemade Elmo costumes~I have a 2 year old that loves Elmo!