Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Craft-Made Christmas Post 4: DIY No Mess Painted Ornaments

For Post 2 of the Craft-Made Christmas Series, here is another NO MESS ORNAMENT! These are SUPER easy and fun to make. Gantt even got in on the fun!

You will need:
-Clear Glass or Plastic ornaments
-acrylic paint
-some paper towels

Step 1: Take the top out of the ornament

Step 2: Put a couple of skirts of paint into the ornament.

Step 3: Cover with the paper towel and SSSHHHAAAKKKKEEEEE! Make sure to hold the towel on tight!

Once you stop shaking, see where there are missing paint spots and try to fill them in.

Step 4: Let the paint dry overnight before hanging.

That's it! Here are some pictures from our DIY Paint ornaments.

I did an Auburn one! I used a rhinestone paw print sticker that I had left over from my garter.

War Eagle!