Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Craft-Made Christmas Post 1: DIY No-Mess Glitter Ornaments

CHRISTMAS IS HERE!! I am a self-proclaimed Christmas freak. Lucky for me, I married someone who loves Christmas just as much. We have decked the halls of our apartment from head to toe and we have the most beautiful tree up!

Because I love Christmas so much and love my arts and crafts equally as much, I am starting a series here on the Sweet Southern Charm called A Craft-Made Christmas. I will share some craft projects that will not only make your Christmas beautiful but will make it personalized!

For the first post, I thought we would start with some ornaments. These NO MESS DIY Ornaments are perfect for your tree or to use on a table because did I mention, these are NO MESS! What's not to love about that.

For the first kind of ornament, you will need the following:

-A box of clear glass ornaments
-Pledge vinyl floor cleaner with the BLUE top
-Very fine glitter

First, take all the tops off the ornaments. Next, put some of the floor cleaner in the ornament and swirl it around until it coats the ornament. 

Put a good bit of glitter into the ornament and cover the top. Start by swirling the glitter all around.

After you swirl, give it a good shake. Put the cap back on and DONE!

No Mess DIY Glitter ornaments