Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day! Let's eat cake!

This father's day, I wanted to make some thing really personalized for my dad. My dad and I joke that he has weekend custody of Jock. Jock absolutley loves to go do "man things" with my dad. They ride through the woods with the windows down, get really dirty, and even get to go fishing! This is one of Jock's favorite things to do because he gets to go swimming while Dad attempts to fish. I found this to be the inspiration for Dad's cake! And here it is!

All of the cake was edible except for the fishing pole and fish, which I found in the doll house section of Hobby Lobby, or as I know it: Hobby Heaven. This cake took a couple of days because I used gumpaste to model most of the cake. For the fondant, I made a marshmallow fondant which was sooooo much better than regular fondant.

I started by coloring the Gumpaste and starting the body

Making a swimming Jock!

For the cake base, I used a 12" round cake board, used a piece of scrapbooking paper, some cardboard scrapbooking letters and covered it with clear contact paper. Some buttercream to stick the cake to the board!

Some of the other decorations include: rocks made of gumpaste, sugar flowers, reeds made from gumpaste and spaghetti, and grass from marshmallow fondant. Put it all together and here it is! 

Happy Dad's Day! Me, my dad, and Jock with the cake.

Love my daddy!


Amanda Mathews Wright said...

This is amazing!!! I am so getting in touch with you next time i need a cute cake!!!!