Monday, June 13, 2011

Monogram Heaven

Oh...My...Goodness...Look what I found.

For those of you who know me, I have a slight obsession with monograms. I love them. I want everything to be monogrammed. I can't help it. This obsession has become full blown with the wedding registring. Gantt finally had to step in a perform an intervention when he realized I was trying to register for his grilling tools to be monogrammed from Williams & Sonoma. He asked in a not so slight manner, "Do you want to get the walls monogrammed too?" I responded, "Well the good news is if anyone breaks into our house, they won't be able to still anything because it'll have our name all over it." So....back to my finding... LUXURY MONOGRAMS
This website is full of things i need want. I shall restrain from purchasing, but I won't stop from lusting. I can't help it, I love monograms!

 I can just imagine having a dinner party with my monogrammed place setting and my formal china. My formal china is Pickard Signature Gold in the script style. {Monogram NPG...ladies first}. It's absolutely gorgeous. I fell in love with it in the Southern Living December 2010 edition. It is pretty pricey, but I wouldn't settle. This is something that I absolutely love and would use for years. Plus, it will make gift buying for Gantt pretty easy since he can always buy me a place setting!



Katie Beth Owens said...

omg Niki B I got the pickard signature salad plates (gold and cream with script monogram too) to intermingle with my Christmas china and it is fabulous! you will love it! good choice! XoXo