Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cupcake Crazy!

Law school graduation day{May 21st} was a very big day in my life, but for my roomie, Stephanie, it was a Really very big day because she graduated from law school and it was her birthday! Needless to say, I went a little cupcake crazy... I wanted to make cupcakes for my roomie's birthday, cupcakes for my family's and future family's luncheon on Saturday after graduation, and some extras for friends. After a long day of baking, 72 cupcakes were created! Here was the breakdown of flavors:

Vanilla and Chocolate Marble with vanilla icing
Chocolate with chocolate icing
Vanilla with lemon icing
Vanilla on Vanilla for the Plainers

For decor of the graduation cupcakes, I channeled my innner Bakerella and tried to make some little graduation hats. However, when you graduate with a doctoral degree, your standard mortar board will not suffice. It becomes imperitive to wear hats that somewhat resemble a chef's/painter's hat.
mi-a michelangelo-a hat-a (that's my italian voice)
Call it sheer luck, but I found some Godiva chocolates that matched this hexagon looking hat! {i know, who would have ever thought i would be scronging through the chocolate isle?}

For Stephanie's Birthday cupcakes, I custom made a tiffany blue {or close enough} vanilla icing and finished it off with some pearls and handwritten birthday picks.

Here are some pictures of the cupcake craziness:
Graduation hats materials

almost all 72 cupcakes