Friday, September 2, 2011

My Wide Striped Curtains with Tutorial!

As some of you may know, I have been slightly obsessed with wide striped curtains for a while now. I've seen them here and there on some blogs and just absolutely fell in love with them!
Exhibit A: from a Well-Dressed-Home-Blog
 It didn't take long for me to decide that this was a must have on my list. So I started searching for the fabric.....I searched online, in stores, even at two of the largest fabric stores in Nashville and all my efforts ended with no luck. I could not find wide stripe fabric anywhere! Since I never give up on my projects, I knew I was just going to have to make them! And "sew" I did (haha I know that was corny).

Here is how I made my wide striped curtains!

-two curtain panels in one color (54"x84")
-one panel in a contrasting color (either 54"x84" or I used 55"x90")
-sewable heat and bond
-yard stick
-a sewing machine
-matching thread
-straight pins 
-a rotary cutter or good pair of scissors
-curtain rod

1. I bought two fully lined panels in white. I bought these from Burlington Coat Factory which in my opinion, has the best selection and price for any blackout or fully lined curtain. The material is a faux silk material which has a little shine to it.

I also bought 1 blue unlined panel which I found at TJMaxx on clearance for $4! Can't beat that!

2. Using my rotary cutter, I cut the top part off the blue panel because I knew I wouldn't use it.

**Note on rotary cutters: If you cut a lot of fabric, this is a must have! It is much faster and gives a much cleaner cut. Just make sure you use the cutting board underneath...

3. Time to cut the stripes! I first measured my panel to make 14" wide stripes. This would give me 6 stripes per panel (84" long divided by 6=14"). This is why you only need one contrasting panel. Because I could cut 6 stripes per panel, I could put three blue stripes on each white panel. Because I had a 90" blue panel, I had some extra fabric to remove. If you use an 84" panel, then you should have the perfect amount of fabric for 6 stripes.

4.  I then needed to hem the edges of the blue stripes to give them a cleaner look. To do this, i cut thin strips of heat and bond and "hemmed" the edges with the iron.

5.  Time to place the stripes. I laid out the white panels and placed the stripes where they needed to go. I started at the top hem just below where the curtains would hang. Below the first blue stripe, I measured a 14" white stripe. Repeat until you reach the bottom. I then did the exact same for the other panel. You want your panels to be identical so that the stripes will line up.

6. Sew Time! Using matching top thread, Sew a straight stitch along each stripe on all four sides.

And here they are! My Wide Stripe Curtains! I'm so proud of them! 

Here is Jock modeling the curtains....Cutest Puppy Ever! 

This is Jock's bed by the curtains. He thought he could hide from the camera. And yes, he sleeps with a pillow under his head....

Above you can see the curtains with the dresser that I redid
 I love my curtains!