Friday, October 14, 2011

Little Kitty Skirt

Ok so this was just too funny not to share. Avid followers of the Sweet Southern Charm Blog will recognize Little Kitty. She is usually somewhere in background of a picture hiding out like Waldo. She is the epitome of a Curious Cat. Well, while I was making my Auburn Garter Little Kitty would not leave me alone! She'd paw at the ribbon and the fabric and otherwise just had a good time bugging me. I decided to get her back. I had some extra lace and decided to make her a little skirt. That would get her!

Well, that plan backfired. She ended up loving her skirt. She wore it all day. I even let her go outside and about an hour later, she came back in skirt and all. She is not normal. Here are some pictures of little kitty skirt:

Making Little Kitty Skirt

Best Friends Jock and Little Kitty


Brittany B. said...

I love my wierd little kitty!