Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Old, New, Borrowed, & Something Blue Wedding Shoes

Now that the wedding has come and gone, I am so happy I can finally share some of my little wedding projects with you! Almost everything at our wedding had some kind of personalized touch to it. After Gantt and I finished taking the bar, craft time was on! I had so much pinned up craftiness in me, I was about to explode!

One thing I knew I wanted to do was sparkle up some shoes! I'd looked around everywhere trying to find some shoes that were the right height, comfort level, and price for me to work with.  I found some great Nina shoes at Dillard's, but they were $90. I couldn't imagine paying that for something I was going to totally transform. So just like it was meant to be, I ended up finding the same pair of Nina shoes on Ebay: brand new, size 6 1/2, and I won them for $20! It doesn't get much better than that!

For our wedding, pearls and rhinestones were carried throughout, not in a gaudy "I'm a princess" theme way, but an this is an elegant special day way. I had found ivory glass pearls in multiple sizes and decided to use those on my shoes. My LaLa, my dad's mother, passed when I was young, but I wanted her to be there with me. My mom had one of my LaLa's old pocket purses with some of her buttons in there. My LaLa, being a flashy lady like myself, had tons of rhinestone and oyster buttons. These would be the perfect touches on my shoes. I also added a pearl and rhinestone brooch to the front of the shoes. When I put it all together, I had my Old, New, Borrowed, Blue Shoes!

Old: from the old buttons
New: the actual shoes were new
Borrowed: I borrowed the buttons from my mom
Blue: I used light blue trim and Lala's Blue oyster buttons

After lots of forming, sewing, glueing, and placing, here are my shoes! I wish I had better pictures of them. They truly are fabulous!

One of my bridals with my shoes, more to come soon